Month of Sundays

Sunday 10th July 2011

READ all about it! Amazing revelations! The truth is out at last! Only in today’s Journal! Three Prime Ministers involved! Celebrities exposed! Exclusive stories from behind the scenes! ‘Tip of the iceberg,” says Marcus. Moore to come! Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Yes, readers of the Journal of a Journeyman Writer are guaranteed pages and pages of gripping yarns over the next few weeks: a must read for anyone out there with nothing better to do on a Sunday. So, pour yourself a coffee, settle into a comfortable seat at your computer, and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of fascinating encounters with the stars!

In a long career taking him from lively BBC receptions to exclusive hospitality suites to darkened back-stage corners, Marcus Moore has seen it all.

Over the next four weeks, each Sunday edition of Journal will bring you incredible extracts from Marcus’s forthcoming best-seller, Tales from the Green with Envy Room.

Did you know, for example, that Seamus Heaney drank a pint of Guinness following his first public event after being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

And Sir Edward Heath once confessed, during a ten-minute private conversation with Marcus, that his journey to Cheltenham had been ‘predictably tedious’!

Meanwhile, the late and much-loved Wendy Richard asked Marcus not to tell anyone that she preferred the egg and cress sandwiches to the ham. (This astonishing truth wasn’t revealed at the time in case of potential harm to the UK meat industry.)

During decades of debauchery, Marcus has shared ash-trays with Tony Benn, Alex Salmond, Tom Stoppard, and Dom Joly, all of whom can now be named and shamed as Smokers of Tobacco!

But the most startling exposé concerns a certain television presenter with whom he chatted briefly in the gents. Imagine Marcus’s shock and horror on noticing that the said celebrity did not wash his hands!!

(Marcus thinks the guy’s a complete prat, but says he won’t ever say who it was – not in a month of Sundays.)

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