Virgulle’s Vestral 23

Saturday 23rd July 2011

An overview of the surrounding district

AWAY from the building I flew, rising above the nearby trees, swiftly distancing myself from the highway, for I surmised B-squiggle-B’s henchmen would soon be in pursuit.

The higher air was not ideal for hurried flight – gusts, folds and corners, but few chutes and no hammocks. Consequently, I soon dived into the neck of a valley, allowing the prevailing swirls to bear me over farmstead and field.

I could have continued gliding in this fashion for some hours, but did not wish to flee so far as to forget the way back. I reasoned that I should stay hidden until daybreak, before returning to the house in the hope of rejoining Arthur.

The distant orange glow warned of the approach of a large encampment. I began searching for somewhere to land, following a narrow track that led to a settlement of two dozen houses, many with lit windows. Beyond these dwellings appeared to be a dense wood, close to which, I decided, I would alight, there to find suitable shelter.

However, as I swooped towards the last building between me and the trees – a storehouse probably, for it was a tall structure with a number of cages lined up at its side – a door suddenly opened and four people emerged, talking loudly and apparently enjoying some merriment.

The reader does not need me to remind her·im that the eyes of a grown adult are set approximately one twelfth of the distance from the apex. Consequently, it is easier to look up than down. Moreover, movement attracts immediate attention. And there are no obvious hiding places sixty feet up in the air.

I was spotted. The four people below started to howl, jump, wave, scream and generally make as much commotion as it is possible for four people to make without the aid of instruments.

I veered to my right, climbed at speed, soared above the woodland and over the brow of the subsequent hill, only to discover that I was much nearer than expected to the source of the atmospheric glow I had noticed earlier.

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