Virgulle’s Vestral 31

Wednesday 24th August 2011

The Vestral continued

FROM the paper shop, Tom bought and brought me a plastic-wrapped pack of five notebooks and I was able to continue the record of the Vestral. The first pages of those diaries include the following reflections and instances:

Day 3. I can again hold a writing implement. Jenny made bamboo splints for my wing and has rubbed into my cuts an ointment made from the wax of bees, which was one of the many good things, she says, that can be found at the Double U Eye Mark It.

I also have several items of clothing she found in cases, cupboards and black plastic bags. She did not hesitate to tell me that I look terrible in most of them. According to her:

“There’s faith, hope, and charity… but the greatest of these is charity shops.”

Tom has given me a new name: Ulla. I accept this, though still do not understand Jenny’s explanation:

“If anyone asks, you are a Ref U G. I’ll tell them Rick and I stayed with your family when we were hitching across you’re up years ago.”

Day 4, morning, Tom’s window. I see many cells of the same shape, stone roads, lines of cages; women pushing infants in seats on wheels; two males attaching tiles to a sloping roof. There are tall poles in the road, from which wires stretch to every cell. Tom says they carry power. I recall what Arthur said about the giants having power – the power to do ill. Perhaps these ugly wires help the giants control the serfs.

A straight line of cloud across the sky! Is it a bird or machine? Can the giants manufacture weather? Tom says they are making the planet warmer. Why?

Jenny says Emily will come home soon. Her bedroom is both library and study. Story books with illustrations quicken my learning.

Day 5. I prepare breakfast: three bowls of Weetabix. When Tom enters, I inform him that one is too hot, one is too sweet and one is just right. He grins and says that is my first joke. Jenny points to an item of broken furniture.

“Who’s been sitting on my chair?”

It pleases us both to hear her laughter.

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