A necessary risk

Tuesday 11th October 2011

RISK assessments drive everybody up the wall – except bureaucrats justifying their jobs and insurance companies their huge profits. It’s time we found a stronger sense of safety and belonging through friendships and compassion, not bloody locks, stocks and smoking barrels.

Later today, the Poetry Café at the Cheltenham Literature Festival will witness the Marcus of old: uncompromising, satirical, angered by greed and betrayal. Here’s a preview of a work in progress:

I and We and They

Not always surely has there been a They
forceps wrenching us from womb of slumber
from yawning glory hope to morning story soap
to shitshowershave our disobedience
down those sterile drains drained of all forgiveness
While radio force john uglys’ mean spleen
snaps crackles and plops arrogant daily turds
with way out of order way to go wailing
give us this day our daily dead burnt toast
offerings of sufferings global and local
news news new stories raped from draped coffins
spat into grape juice or first coffee thirst
in those strangeways tea or coffee grounds us
to be not we not me not i not you
but those weekly meekly icon-eying units
They would have us be

Surely not always have They decreed to us
how to choose apparel appropriate
from an appetite of wardrobes and chests
swollen with the fear of appearances
for the sake of a peer granting approval
when pulling out pants pulling on panties
to hunker down cocks in famous name boxers
crutches for crotches face-saving labels
for gusset-tucking hair-plucking labia
inside tight-fitting tights under hygienic jeans
in fools length mirror reverse view reared

So unstable are the doors unbolted on departure mornings
from our stalls stepping out stalled by steps taken installing
chubby locks mortice coils shuffled
meepmeepmeep insecurity codes
safe in the knowledge that we are always at risk
gardens alarmingly tarmacked yards hard-guarded
against devastatingly deadly destructive diseases
called dandelion   daisy   daffodil   and dog-rose

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