Occupying the mind 9

Friday 18th November 2011

LET’S get something straight. This is about right and wrong.

Walking down the street, you see two men talking to an elderly woman. Suddenly she is pushed to the ground, they grab her handbag and run off.

What do you do: pursue the felons, assist the woman, phone 999, or walk away? If the latter option (not wishing to get involved) please read no further, for this piece won’t concern you either.

Were you to offer the police a description of the felons, I imagine you’d be a bit miffed if they ignored you – the more so if, instead, they arrested you for shouting about the crime to passers-by.

Daylight robbery has been committed by several felons, whose ruthless exploitation of the citizenry affords them not only police protection, but also the power to:

a) influence Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, by persuading its permanent secretary to waive £18 million in taxes due from Vodafone and Goldman Sachs;

b) influence Her Majesty’s Government, by having an adviser directly advising the Speaker in Parliament;

c) influence the appointment of European prime ministers – recently, a senior adviser to Goldman Sachs in Italy, and a former vice-president of the European Central Bank in Greece.

To those asking what is the aim of the Occupy movement, my response is… the same intention as those who campaigned against slavery, apartheid, the disenfranchisement of women, the Vietnam war, and the Poll Tax.

To right what we know to be wrong.

Aching bones of 61 years prevent my sleeping in a tent on cold stone at St Paul’s, but I shall return often to continue what I consider my civic duty: washing-up in the West Courtyard kitchen tent.

It’s just possible I’ll be there when law enforcement officers are ordered to escort me to another court yard, where I shall plead guilty to offering assistance to an elderly woman robbed on the High Street by organized criminals.

I will refuse to pay any fine imposed and spend however long the judge decides in running writing classes from a prison cell.

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One Response to Occupying the mind 9

  1. Helen Wood says:

    Marcus, I couldn’t have put that better myself – thank you. I’ve been visiting the Plymouth Occupy and supporting them with tent pegs, gloves, food and drink, and hard cash, because I, too, can’t face sleeping in a tent behind a shopping mall (or anywhere else). If you visit their blog, they’re quoting news that the City of London Police are categorising Occupiers as domestic terrorists, and that the US Department of Defense is training personnel that protest amounts to low level terrorism. I suspect our prisons may start to get very full because I will be joining you there along with many many of my friends. If we don’t stand up now, it will be too late. Thanks, Marcus!

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