The Vu sisters

Thursday 8th December 2011

DÉJÀ Vu and I may have had a falling out. I’m not sure, but it’s been several years now since we last saw each other and I’m beginning to think it’s all over between us.

The reason I mention it, dear reader, is that I’ve been seeing quite a bit of one of Déjà’s sisters. She has two apparently. I didn’t know that until recently, having never met Jamais; or at least not to my knowledge.

Anyway, the other day, the sun shining and having the afternoon off, I decided to go for a stroll down Memory Lane. Unfortunately, I missed the turning.

While retracing my steps, I noticed somebody coming towards me whom I vaguely recognised. The conversation went as follows:



“How are you?”

“Fine, thanks. You?”

“Yep, am good. This is an unexpected pleasure.”

And all the time I’m thinking… who is this? where was it we? Damn. Didn’t she have an unusual name, like Prue, or Priscilla? Something like that.

We chattered away, as you do, asking those open-ended questions you hope will prompt them to say something that will jog something, but no, I was still floundering when we went our separate ways and, of course, it came to me later the same evening, in the bath, though I still haven’t the foggiest where, when or why we knew each other.

And, coincidentally, we met up again yesterday, in town, when I’d left the shopping-list at home and was standing in the aisle desperately trying to read it even though it was still by the phone.

“Hello again!”

“Ah, Presque! How are you?”

“Another day older. Otherwise, much the same. And you?”

We’ve arranged to go for coffee next week. I think she said Tuesday. We seem to get on well. Or was it Thursday? Perhaps she’ll then invite me round for dinner and I’ll take flowers: forget-me-nots, obviously.

Which reminds me, did you hear about the insomniac, amnesiac, agnostic dyslexic who lay awake all night trying to remember whether or not he did believe there was a Dog?

Well, I’d best get on. Reminiscing isn’t what it used to be.

Now, where was I?



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