Comment-is-free fever

Tuesday 6th March 2012

XBOX, iPad or Twitter? Shopping, gambling or EBay? Chocolate, coffee, tobacco or alcohol?

What’s yours, dear reader?

Or are you somehow free of these and other addictions? But, if so, how would you feel if somebody suggested you were ‘in denial’ about, say, the contents of your wardrobe/s? or all those gadgets you’ve bought in the last year? or even the hours you spend working, driving, or taking exercise?

Do you think there could be such as thing as being addicted to seeking help for addictions…?

(Pause: putting the kettle on)

The internet is better – or worse – than any sweet shop. It’s open all hours and doesn’t need an advance on next week’s pocket money. You could spend almost the whole day on it. Many of us do. When my computer suddenly died a few months ago, I felt anxious, deprived of a life-blood: not good.

Then they go and allow self-opinionated people like to me to do this blogging thing. Talk about empty vessels and most sounds.

(Just checking the football scores; back in a minute)

And now I’ve discovered ‘Comment is free’ on the Guardian website: so seriously seductive it should carry a health warning for those with high blood pressure.

There must be at least a dozen articles per day where Joe and Jo Public and I can express opinions, show off our knowledge, scoff, strut, rant, and upbraid those less perfect than ourselves to our hearts’ content; without fear or favour; and anonymously, if preferred.

(Emptying the ash-tray)

How can anyone resist? Already this week we’ve had the NHS, taxes, child benefit, the royal family, religion, homework, shaking hands, Coldplay, a history quiz, poll and caption competition – to mention but a few. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Add to that the sneaky ‘Recommend’ button and one (well, this one) is hooked. Much more fun than doing research work, which is what I was supposed to be doing today.

Rather exhausting, mind. You get through loads and loads of coffee when you’ve got a new addiction to feed.

(Exit to kitchen)





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2 Responses to Comment-is-free fever

  1. not a smoker or addicted drinker, gambler or eater, and not in denial either, but I do love the WWW. I comment (from Australia) as GraunReader and am very fond of their cartoonists and Marina and Hadley output. Then I check the dailymailonline for stupendous stupidity, and that reminds me of excellent hilarious UK blog Speak Your BRANE. worth your while for the brilliant commentors.

  2. Not sure if I should leave a comment on this. Maybe after a fag.

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