Monday 19th March 2012

1981 was a huge year for Chosen Hill School in Gloucestershire: 45 feet and 9½ inches huge, in fact, for that was the height of a tomato plant they grew, which led to recognition in The Guinness Book of Records.

The chances of winning the jackpot on Euromillions are 1 in 116,531,800.

As a younger man, I compiled a very large crossword of 62,500 squares, which took four years to complete, by which time somebody serving a long prison sentence had raised the bar considerably. It’s still in the filing cabinet, awaiting the writing of the 9,000+ clues.

I do not buy lottery tickets.

As a writer, I seek readers. To deny that would be a barefaced night of a lie. Hence the number of links cheekily embedded today: each click on each additional page is noted by a counter, which translates, of course, as the moore the merrier.

This is my 350th consecutive day of blogging. The blossom noted last April is returning. Forty people read that second entry, making the then daily average 53.00. Within a week, it was down to 32.00. Hey ho. Novelties wear off.

The numbers crept back up when I was getting carried away by the Occupy thing. Another small boost has followed outbursts from a-sort-of-Mr-Grumpy-of-Cirencester on The Guardian’s Comment is free website.

In response to a question raised there today – ‘How much money would you quit work for?’ – I finished a rather bland reply with:

A local couple won many millions on the lottery two years ago.
I wish them well, but would have been happier if it had been
somebody else, as I suffered something of a loss as a result.

I guess 4.15pm is the sort of time when employees know they can get away with a bit of browsing; maybe the Money pages attract more readers; perhaps some thought it was linked to a story about my having given a winning ticket away. I’m inclined to think I just got lucky.

A snooze followed my having calculated that 677 views today would take the average back up to an improbable 53.01.

No kidding – it’s just reached 858. Gulp!




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