Virgulle’s Vestral 79

Wednesday 28th March 2012

Guvver Munt’s pursuit

“KNEW it wouldn’t take them long. Damn.”

Tom growled; Jenny inhaled smoke; Arthur peered into the darkening sky, clearly troubled by the phone call he’d received. We were on the balcony, not long after the party had ended.

“How soon?” asked Jenny. She looked very tired and had been crying.

“Fifteen minutes,” Arthur shrugged. “In the car park. They’ve assured me it won’t be anything heavy. Just a friendly chat, they said.”

I knew they would have been pursuing me and was disappointed to have been found so quickly, but the manner of their discovering my whereabouts was of no concern. Arthur had said that Guvver Munt wanted to discuss ‘making some sort of a deal’. Was there a chance I would be allowed to stay with my friends?

“I will talk with them. Will you help me, please, Tom? Do you wish to come with me for the doing of the deal?”


“Take them some left-overs,” Jenny grinned. “Offer them a bit of choccy cake and a goody bag. They’re all into sweeteners these days.”

Arthur shook his head. He was starting to lose his temper.

“Why do the three of you refuse to take any of this seriously? We are dealing with the very top people here. They’ve only to snap their fingers and we could all end up in car sir rated for years. You can’t go and meet them with a bottle of pop and two straws. It’s taking the piss. They won’t like it. I don’t know how they’ll respond, but it won’t be nice.”

He was doing his best to protect us, but still did not understand that those who have nothing have nothing to lose.

“Arthur,” said Jenny, quietly, “one of my babies is dying. Where that leaves Tom and me, I’ve no idea. But it’s going to be a harder life sentence than anything the Guvver Munt might do to us. Please don’t get your knickers in a twist over something trivial like a couple of unwanted visitors. And Ulla must be allowed to make her own choices. It’s what she does best. She can handle Guvver Munt stooges. It’s only things like lifts she has problems with.”






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