A year of blogging

Wednesday 4th April 2012

PHEW: that’s that then; job done; mission accomplished; mountain climbed.

It’s been a merry ramble, this daily Journal of a Journeyman Writer – occasionally a ploughman’s weary plod, but worth the toil, methinks. Certainly taught me some lessons about structure, lexis, editing, and self-discipline: a tight character count leaves no room for excess exclamation marks!!!

Difficulties arise when, having uploaded an entry, you discover an error. It’s too easy to have accidentally inserted an extra  space (like that one) which isn’t visible in Word – at the end of a line perhaps – but glaring on WordPress.

Back you go to the editing, looking for ways to add one more character. But where? Replacing a five-letter word like ‘small’ with one like ‘little’ may convey a very different meaning; or just be wrong. And if you knock down one domino…

The journal has evolved. In many ways it reflects the life I have led: one of being drawn to intriguing diversions, never willing to see the future as ‘a long, straight road, white line down the middle’.

The image atop this page is apt. The figure on the ‘road less taken’ might, at any moment, disappear into the undergrowth. He’s also much more shy and solitary than many would think.

Re-writing Virgulle’s Vestral allows me the odd day off, for I sometimes edit several episodes in advance, especially if I’m going to be busy. That the fortunes of the main character often mirror events in the real world is entirely coincidental.

Some readers will have noticed that each piece starts with a four-letter word. A handful have been repeated, but today’s is the 348th different opening. I like lists.

The aim was to write for one year.

However, I have some exciting projects coming up and many more memories to record. I can guarantee further inspiration courtesy of those dearest to me. And the appalling behaviour of politicians and others will no doubt make it impossible for me to keep the mouth shut.

So, it looks like there’ll be Moore to follow…




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One Response to A year of blogging

  1. Thanks Marcus – what an acheivement! I’ve enjoyed many of your blogs, and hope that you keep at it!

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