Alphabet quiz

Sunday 6th May 2012

DAYS like tomorrow – a bank holiday, when many will be planning a typically British day out, with thermos and packed lunch, only to be thwarted by that ill-mannered terrorist organisation, Weather – become like the Sundays of yore: shops shut; visits to or by cousins; board games for those bored by being cooped up all day.

Each answer to this quiz requires words with the same initial letter (*except L). The figure in brackets indicates the number of words. Answers here.

A. Three-letter animals: insect, reptile, bird, mammal (4)

B. German playwright (1898-1956) known for his Alienation Effect (2)

C. And one of his plays, based on the Judgment of Solomon (3)

D. Beer that used to work wonders (2)

E. Intentional hidden messages, often hunted (and eaten) by children (2)

F. Pollock painting, Plath poem, Stone Roses song – from Shakespeare’s Ariel (3)

G. English author who travelled with an aunt (2)

H. Watch knot without enthusiasm: half-h… (3)

I. States of America (4)

J. A flash of Mick and Keith (2)

K. Large primate recently shot by Peter Jackson (2)

*L. Spa town in Powys which houses the National Cycle Museum of Wales: Ll…   …lls (2)

M. Tweed-wearing, elderly female resident of the village of St Mary Mead (2)

N. Victorian novel featuring Noggs, Crummles and Squeers (2)

P. “What is truth?” he asked, before washing his hands (2)

O. A malfunction has led to this quiz question being in the wrong place (3)

Q. Fairly undemonstrative (2)

R. Two pairs of twins – from Italy and East London – remembered for acts of violence (4)

S. Florence Margaret, born in Hull and best known for Not Waving But Drowning (2)

T. English county towns (3)

U. Wilde’s hunter and hunted (2)

V. Long live the mountain horn composer: V…v… (4)

W. Football teams in this season’s Premier League (3)

X. Company founded in 1906, with many subsequent copies: X…x (1)

Y. Fictional characters in works by Joseph Heller and George Lucas (2)

Z. Six-letter words: belt, wind, frame, highest point, sharp turns, union of two gamete cells (6)







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