Quiz answers

Monday 7th May 2012

H, O, Q, V are my favourites.

There are 69 points available. I reckon 35 is a pass; anything above 50 pretty impressive. Quizzes should never be too easy. Here are the answers.

Three-letter animals: insect, reptile, bird, mammal – Ant; Asp; Auk; Ape

German playwright (1898-1956) known for his Alienation Effect – Berthold Brecht

And his play based on the Judgment of Solomon – Caucasian Chalk Circle

Beer that used to work wonders – Double Diamond

Intentional hidden messages, often hunted (and eaten) by children – Easter Eggs

Pollock painting, Plath poem, Stone Roses song – Full Fathom Five

English author who travelled with an aunt – Graham Greene

Watch knot without enthusiasm: half-h… – -hunter; -hitch; -hearted

States of America – Idaho; Iowa; Indiana; Illinois

A flash of Mick and Keith – Jumpin’ Jack

Large primate recently shot by Peter Jackson – King Kong

Spa town in Powys which houses the National Cycle Museum of Wales – Llandrindod Wells

Tweed-wearing, elderly female resident of the village of St Mary Mead – Miss Marple

Victorian novel featuring Noggs, Crummles and Squeers – Nicholas Nickleby

“What is truth?” he asked, before washing his hands – Pontius Pilate

A malfunction has led to this quiz question being in the wrong place – Out Of Order

Fairly undemonstrative – Quite quiet

Pairs of twins remembered for acts of violence – Romulus and Remus; Ronnie and Reggie (Kray)

Florence Margaret, born in Hull, best known for Not Waving But DrowningStevie Smith

English county towns – Taunton; Trowbridge; Truro

Wilde’s hunter and hunted – Unspeakable; Uneatable

Long live the mountain horn composer – Viva; Vesuvius; Vuvuzela; Vivaldi

Football teams in this season’s Premier League – West Brom; Wigan; Wolverhampton

Company founded in 1906, with many subsequent copies – Xerox

Fictional characters in works by Joseph Heller and George Lucas – Yossarian; Yoda

Six-letter words: belt, wind, frame, highest point, sharp turns, union of two gamete cells – Zodiac; Zephyr; Zimmer; Zenith; Zigzag; Zygote






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