Cotswold Water Park

Monday 28th May 2012

POEM gathered from phrases spoken by children on…

A wildlife walk

A hole in the roof: home for a bat
Narrow-waisted scarecrow in pullover and hat
Woolly-coated cattle, chewing the cud
And thirty pairs of wellies, hungry for mud

A gnarled old tree by the side of the path
A Canada goose with a witch’s laugh
Bulrushes bursting on very long stalks
The children run, but the poet walks!

Hedgehog spikes on heads of thistles
Sunlight dazzles: emeralds and crystals
Dangling branch, like a slithering snake
Silky, sparkly, shimmering: the lake

A cormorant perches on a solitary post
Children hide in the hide, silent as a ghost
Listening to the notes of an orchestra of birds
While Marcus scribbles, trying to find the words

To describe the reaching fingers of waterside trees
And the dance of birds on a gentle breeze
On a day when we feel (though we don’t know why)
Even the grass seems as big as the sky!

…and this one written later, having found a fossil:

I am an ammonite

I am an ammonite
An ammonite am I
I might be hiding in the land
I might be lying in the sand
And if you find me, understand
What you’re holding in your hand

Many million years ago
When warmer waters here did flow
In mighty shoals a mile long
We ammonites bobbed along
Like jewels set upon the ocean
What a poet might call poetry in motion

You may not know this interesting fact
But, originally, we were straight-backed
With tapered shells shaped like a cone
When some of us branched out on our own
By curling up into a nice tight spiral
And this new design, of course, went viral

Our history reads like something of a classic
We survived way beyond the end of the Jurassic
Until, along with the dinosaur,
Some massive disaster meant we’d be no more
Probably a comet or an asteroid
But, whatever… it was far too big to avoid

Since then we’ve just been lying around
Pressed into rocks waiting to be found
By people like you, hunting for a fossil
Some of us are tiny, others quite colossal
Buried treasures to bring a twinkle to your eye
For I am an ammonite, an ammonite am I





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