Virgulle’s Vestral 107

Thursday 5th July 2012

Yet more surprises

“HAVE you and Brendan known each other long, Ulla?”

“No. It is… how you say, er… three of weeks? Yes, I think I know him three weeks.”

“And you came to London together today? Just out of the blue? On impulse?”

“Please, I am sorry. I do not know good English.”

“For Chris Muss,” she added, slowly, and, for some reason, louder. “Have you come to London for Chris Muss? For a vacation? To do things together? Just the two of you?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Told you,” she looked at her husband. “He wants a love nest. He’s met somebody special… at long last… and thinks she must be bored, cooped up in his hide-away by the sea. So, he’s brought her to London, for a bit of romance. Our place is better than any hotel. He knows his way around the local shops, the pubs and restaurants. He might even bring her breakfast in bed on Chris Muss morning. How sweet!”

Dan glanced in my direction. I smiled.

“Lou,” he growled, “you’re embarrassing her. Stop it.”

“No I’m not,” Louise countered, lowering her voice. “She doesn’t understand what I was saying. She said so herself. Her command of English isn’t very good.”

Nor was it that bad. I may have missed or misheard some words, but most of she said I understood without any difficulty.

Oh dear, everything was becoming more complicated again. Had Brendan been planning this? He had said we were now on holiday. Was it as simple as that? Or did he wish us to be alone for other reasons? Had he said something else to Louise or was she merely jumping to her own conclusions? Romance? Brendan? He? Me? Ooo…!

I had had enough of the giants and their meddlesome games. I wanted time to reflect upon the many things I had discussed with Jenny, but here was another enigma, which resulted not from my being in an unfamiliar land, but arising from elsewhere.

Was this going to be a case of flying from the teeth of the hail into the mouth of the gale, as Rhetans might observe? Or… out of the frying pan into the fire, as people here would say.






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