Virgulle’s Vestral 119

Tuesday 7th August 2012

More questions for Brendan

“POND is like pool; yes?”

It was a cold morning. We took a walk across the heath before going to the Red Lion.

“And when the pond has ice on it, we will play Broadskin Rollies and you will be the loser and buy me the prize drink.”

Brendan smiled. A winding path took us between bare trees.

“When will giant Bilton again be in London?”

“No idea. There’s been no contact since that fierce woman came round.”

“Do they still watch me?”

“Probably. I don’t know anything about Sir Valence or how that thing attached to your wing works, but they’ll know where we are and what we’ve been up to.”

“I do not wish to go to America. If I say I will be good, can I stay here?”

“Sorry, Ulla, I’ve no idea. Your refusal to toe the line and read out that statement to the press was probably the last straw for Bilton. But I suppose he might have a change of heart if you went on bended knee to him.”

What Brendan said made no sense. When Rhetans go on bended knee in the straw it can mean only one thing. Did he think I must try to win the heart of the Pry Minister by wiggling my toes at him? Eek!

I decided that I would discuss all these matters with him that evening. I would ask him if he would help me try to persuade Guvver Munt to forgive my earlier foolishness, and if he would accompany me to America, should the giants still insist on my going there.

And I would seek to discover if the shy Brendan O’Neill wished to o’kneel in the straw with me.

But, if so, then he must promise that he would never again report to the Pry Minister anything I might reveal to him about Rheta or other, more private concerns. Yes, that was what I must do.

The Red Lion was not busy, but the pool table occupied.

Brendan exchanged words with a portly man holding a half-full glass of ale, as a result of which it was agreed we would play as a pair against ‘Craig and his mate’, which we did, losing easily, as a result of which Brendan had to buy them more beer and I was even further in debt to him.







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