Here Today: Gig the Second

Black Book Café, Stroud, Tuesday 1st October 2013
Secret Musician: Patsy Gamble (saxophone)
Special Guest: Eliza Dewar
In the Thermos: Chamomile Tea


JUST before we started, Jo came up with a great idea – completely apt for this lovely café, which resembles a library with its floor-to-ceiling book shelves – only for Marcus to forget when we reached that point in the programme. Must ask Kelly if we can perform there again so we can add another item to the programme.

Apes with attitudes argued about primate development strategies in a sketch called The Theory of Evolution. Marcus recited an alphabetical piece on the same theme:

After Beagle cruise, Darwin extrapolates from
Galapagos, his illuminating journey’s, key lessons:
mutations naturally occur, proliferating quintessentially
robust survival through utilitarian variations.
‘Wanker!’ xclaimed yesteryear’s zoologists.

Y was drawn out of the bag as Letter of the Month – a tricky challenge for Jo, whose response was:

Yes ! The yellow yo-yo whizzed up and down.
Yolanda chortled with joy. The yapping dog yapped.
Look yonder! Over the Yorkshire moors a yeti appeared,
eating yams. Yawn yawn went Yolanda.
“You tired?”
“Yes, Nan”
“It’s Yuletide tomorrow. I’ll tuck you up. You yummy girl.”
“Yes, Nan.”

Marcus wears a black, velvet smoking-jacket for Here Today. It was gift, made by his Mum, when he left Hull for Bristol University in 1968. He reckons she’d envisaged him standing in his ‘rooms’, elbow resting on a mantelpiece, pipe in mouth, discussing the nuances of Plato with fellow undergraduates.

The Merry Month quiz questions* included:

1. a) She will be 56 on the 11th October
b) She declined an OBE in 2001
c) Her middle name is Roma
d) She has an adopted daughter named Billie
e) Her father was in the RAF, as was the father of her comedy partner, Jennifer

2. a) He died of cancer, aged 66, on 1st October 2000
b) Despite the rain, thousands of people lined the streets to watch the nine-mile funeral procession
c) The service ended with Frank Sinatra’s My Way
d) Barbara Windsor sent a wreath of red roses
e) His twin brother had died in Broadmoor, five years earlier

The subject of Jo’s Beautiful Spot was the late, much-loved, local artist Anthony Hodge. She spoke about his engaging nature, recited some of his poetry, and showed several of his pictures, including the cartoon works Citroen Pressé, Constable’s Hey Wayne, and Munch’s Ice Cream.

The tension and flood waters continue to rise in our Book at Book Time, The Pie of Life. Tonight’s reading saw the introduction of two key characters in Chapter 2 – Planning Application LB3017/91X252.

Confusion about the thermos infusion, chamomile tea, led to a chat about calamine lotion, the sunburn treatment, and thence to Oh My Darling Clementine, which both our fathers liked to sing. Several of the audience joined in a brief rendition of the popular folk ballad.

The gig drew to a close with the approach of bed-time.

MARCUS     I’m going up now, Jo. Put my pyjamas on.
JO          Er… no. I’ll put my own pyjamas on, thank you.

We’re back on Friday 1st November, 8pm, at the Star Anise Arts Café.



* Dawn French; Reggie Kray







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