Justin the Money

13. Justin the Money

(From the Public Parliament’s archive of ‘Misc. Notes’, May 2016)

WON’T have accurate figures before Aug but guesstimate Year 1 costs to be 280-300K.

Wallet & Natterbox want to explore for Year 2 costs& implications of:

– 30 members on national average pay

– 8 x local 4-bed house-share properties (rent, tax, bills)

– self-catering premises with office/meeting rms (rent or buy)

– travel costs to/fro regions

– 2-3 extra admin staff

– extra equipment (computers, phones, mini-bus, bikes etc)

rough calculation = £2.2/2.5million. How do we know what backer/s think as we don’t know who they are or how much they wish to invest? Jess must press Archie for length of their commitment – and depth of pockets.

Interesting results to MPPs Money Matters Survey. 2 have failed to claim w/e fees. 5 more have pledged/donated sums of between 5% and 33% of fees to charity. Most support 1:12 campaign principle now popular across EU. Only 1 claimed additional exps for research work at home (since resigned).

Look into:

– regional public get-togethers costs/dates/venues

– volunteers charitable status

– what %s of tax income spent on what

– Chan 17 contract renewal/rights

– current remunerations etc for juries

Personal observations

Difficult 6 weeks for us all. Low morale after resignations & bad press. But new intake v enthusiastic & stronger sense of direction emerging. “The mouth becomes stronger when we lose our milk teeth” (BP). Hoping for more stability over next few months.

Not convinced by group names – Kitchen (full assembly) Wallet (finance & economics) Post Office (communications, media etc) Lego (system of ops, structure etc) Natterbox (ideas, tangents, anything goes) – but have to learn to live with it.

Could sleep for a week. Can’t wait to get away to somewhere off the beaten for summer hols.









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