Here Today: Gig the Fifth

Springhill Co-housing, Stroud
Wednesday 1st January 2014
Secret Musician: Callum Wardle (trumpet)
Special Guest: Renie Hudman
In the Thermos: Chort


WITH pleasing serendipity – in view of the watery start to the year – the fifth Letter of the Month drawn from Jo’s bag means we have now had H,Y, D, R, O. While Marcus was recounting his recent hitch-hiking adventures, Jo incorporated as many H words as possible into a piece of instant writing:

 Hurray! Hurray! I’ve had my hysterectomy!
The hospital was heavenly.
However, it is not hilarious having hoperations.
Hell fire! Humungous pain!
Healed by humility, and heartfelt
hobbit-like nurses helping my hurts.
Indeed they hosted me with hamster-like hopefulness,
singing hymns at my head.
Now I’m home, happily humming halleluiahs…

History of the World part 5 featured Hadrian, visiting local builders’ merchants Travis Perkins in search of bargain bricks, with the same Roman highlighted in Marcus’s alphabetical piece, Postcard home to Rome:

Aquae – beautiful.
Corinium – delightful.
Eboracum – frankly grim.
Hadrian, installation junkie, keeps legion marching north
on personal quest, rumour says, to unveil vast wall xhibit.
Yours, Zacharaeus

Once again, audience members were up to the challenge of our Merry Month quiz questions, which included…

a) She will be 50 on 17th January
b) She has two daughters, aged 15 and 12
c) On meeting the Queen in 2009, some say she breached traditional royal etiquette by lightly touching her majesty on the back
d) Her great-great-great grandmother, Melvinia Shields, was a slave
e) She currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC*

a) He was born on 4th January 1813
b) His motto was ‘time saved is life gained’
c) His first name was Isaac
d) He founded and taught at The British School in Wotton-under-Edge
e) His phonetically-based shorthand, first presented in 1837, is still widely used by secretaries the world over*

One of Jo’s undertakings at Springhill is organising the cooking rota – a tricksy logistical exercise involving menus, availabilities, personal preferences and other variables. For Match of the Day, she set Marcus and an audience volunteer the task of allocating six names to three meals, which twelve year-old Sean completed before his opponent had hardly begun.

Chort is the name a local resident has given to her winter-warming drink of hot chocolate with a dash of port. The thermos was quickly emptied by eager tasters.

We’re back on Saturday 1st February, 8pm, at the Kitsch Coffee & Wine Bar, High Street, Stroud. Click here and put YES in the subject line to join our mailing-list.

* Michelle Obama; Sir Isaac Pitman









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