Here Today: Gig the Eighth

Mr Twitchett’s Coffee House and Bar, Stroud
Tuesday 1st April 2014
Secret Musician: Steve Legge (trombone)
Special Guest: Tim Martin
In the Thermos: Agua de Canela


WITH awesome panache, our secret musician Steve not only persuaded a member of the audience to unpack and assemble his instrument, he also produced a wonderful sound from a plastic (pBone) trombone that cost less him than £100.

trombone steve

Lots of likeable, lubricious and lively words starting with L were suggested to Jo for her instant writing exercise. She came up with:

Luminated lupins lit my lone walk in local Loughborough.
Unfortunately I’d latterly eaten lots of liquorice
which was like licking laxatives for lunch.
Oh loathsome licentious lions! What a lot!
Legged it back to Loughborough to
Lin’s little bungalow and relieved myself.
Oh lullaby of lightness and
lack of longing for liberation.

 For the fourth successive month, Marcus took up helmet and sword to portray an historical figure – this time a bloke they’ve named lots of pubs after, also summed up in an alphabetical piece entitled Endangered Species Put to the Sword:

Awesome bravery competition: dragon encounter!
Fearless George – hobbies include journeying, killing, lizards –
mounts narcissistic opportunistic patronage quest,
receives sainthood, though upsets vegetarians
when xuberantly yelling, “Zaaaap!”

We had a woollen theme this month, with Jo talking about a colourful skirt she’s knitting, Marcus reciting a poem he wrote that was knitted into a large a tapestry, and Knitting Yarns (ed. Anne Hood) being reviewed in our Look at a Book feature.

jo's skirt

For the Merry Month, we asked the audience to identify:
a) He was born, out of wedlock, on 15th April 1452
b) His father was a notary, his mother a peasant
c) He was left-handed, probably vegetarian, and never married
d) Having spent most of his life in Florence, he died – and was buried – in Amboise in France
e) History has noted his talents not only as a painter, but also a sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, and botanist*

a) She was born on 17th April 1974
b) Both her mother and mother-in-law were once hairdressers
c) The middle names of her four children are Joseph, James, David and Seven
d) She has published two books – Learning to Fly and That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between
e) 437 staff were employed at the wedding reception following her 1999 marriage to a well-known footballer*

We have two gigs next month – on Thursday 1st May at the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum and on Tuesday 6th May at the Cakes & Ale café bar. Both start at 8pm; £7 admission.

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knit 2


* Leonardo da Vinci; Victoria Beckham







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