A selection of entries so far

Signifying nothing – blogging is not my style, but…
Child benefits – the wise words of granddaughters
Life cycles – my Dad’s shed
Formative years – a popular personality from Yorkshire
Press button G – telephones past and present
Mother of mine – memories and legacies
Best kept secrets – swimming in the sea, playing in the sand
Known her all her life – my older daughter’s birth
The Barefaced Night – from father’s knee to theatre director
Remembering Gaius – on my son’s 41st birthday
Arguing weekly – debates and equations with my granddaughters

Use it or lose it – lies told through three teeth
In the grip of reality – the ogre and the pensioner
The new xenophobia – check out what’s happening at the check-out
Faster than light – money is disappearing into black holes
Oh, to be in England – thoughts on immigration
Strike agreement – Mrs Fowler, the dinner lady
Penance on a pittance – exploiting the unemployed
Through a glass darkly – on cars, buses and costs
Saving democracy – choosing MPs by lot

Boiling the kettle – the drama of youth
Rise of Icarus – a daughter dances
Beach, where – Sid, the caretaker
New term lesson plans – the after-Math and after-English classes
N-to-N stuff – the pleasures of playing word games
Why I left teaching – the lessons of eleven years
Sending a message – of mobile phones and teachers
Their chosen fields – an ornithologist teacher; a biro-spinning boy

Blossomest blossom – Dennis Potter, Cheryl Campbell, Bob Hoskins
Alphabet stories – a writing exercise
Water, everywhere – by slow ferry to Guernsey
Dwarfed by white snow – put the wellies on and get out in it
Treacherous conditions – the terrorist group W.E.A.T.H.E.R.
Owed to Lesley Garrett – Beethoven’s Ninth: the sound check
Park picnic, part I – a Roman soldier looks forward
Park picnic, part II – a Latin scholar looks sideways
Vonnegut’s Bridgnorth – of Kurt, angels, and machinery

Virgulle’s Vestral – a novel.

PART ONE, containing 42 episodes, can be read in one single entry here.

PART TWO, containing 48 episodes, can be read in one single entry here.

Some writer’s notes (with minor spoilers) are to be found here.


1. In which the author gives some account of the inducements and circumstances leading up to the commencement of the Vestral
2. The author’s first experiences in the land
3. A meeting with one of the inhabitants
4. More unexpected diversions
5. A mode of transport described
6. Fuang takes the author to his cell
7. Certain tensions relieved
8. Of liquid refreshment and a new arrival
9. The author participates in a familiar game
10. The author is given an examination
11. On being alone
12. Attention drawn
13. How a protest led to progress
14. A first language lesson
15. The author indicates a wish for a change of scenery
16. Kitchen sink drama
17. Moving onward, looking back
18. An absence and an arrival
19. An unsettling welcome
20. Suspicions vindicated
21. On being wary of strangers
22. Night sight and flight
23. An overview of the surrounding district
24. Landing awkwardly
25. A meeting in the shadows
26. A conversation with Tom, menacingly interrupted
27. Seek and hide
28. A homely homestead
29. Jenny comes to a decision
30. Tom’s enterprise and Jenny’s character
31. The Vestral continued
32. Versions of the past presented
33. A walk in the dark and the thing called Money
34. Emily of the shaven head
35. Jenny and Tom discuss schooling; his subsequent brave decision
36. More time at The Wreck
37. An expedition starts with a stop
38. Travelling by bus into the town
39. The wheels on the bus go round and round
40. A short discourse on shopping
41. The innocence of Emily
42. The author leaves the Walker household


43. The author’s daily meeting with an appointed custodian
44. Isobel Luthers and the giants’ games
45. The author comes face to face with a giant
46. Umbrage taken amid bowls of salad
47. Afternoon tea
48. The author’s quarters
49. The art of having one’s cake
50. Taken to the Deputy Director’s office, for tests
51. The centre’s postal service
52. Progress made with letters
53. An inconclusive meeting and the conclusion of tests
54. Classified information
55. The first days at the fortress
56. The author’s friendship with Frances
57. More discussions over tea and cake
58. Steps taken with easel and Isobel
59. Painting finished with a splash
60. The flower in the cage
61. Calls for assistance made from Rose’s van
62. Sounds and words heard when in hiding
63. Arrangements made with the author’s teacher
64. Confined with Colin and his collections
65. Grim Colin and unkempt Arthur
66. A gift before another journey commences
67. Arthur brings sad tidings
68. More is revealed concerning Emily
69. A disagreement with Arthur
70. The author expresses a strong opinion
71. Whose best interests?
72. Arriving at the cottage; the burning fires within
73. With Tom on the cliff-top and being greeted at the nursing home
74. Reunited with Jenny
75. Conversation on the balcony
76. Emily awakes
77. A spontaneous party
78. The author’s blushes
79. Guvver Munt’s pursuit
80. A meeting about a meeting
81. Several conversations
82. Emily’s broken breakfast; to the cliff-top with Tom
83. A day’s toing and froing
84. An encounter on the beach
85. Prior to meeting the Pry Minister
86. Face to face with a giant
87. An agreement all but reached
88. A clash of giants
89. Events on the edge
90. The cold floor of grief


91. The author looks at a screen
92. A sparse cabin
93. It makes no sense
94. A return to the cemetery
95. The open wound beyond the locked door
96. A message to the giants; the wailing wall
97. The visits of the violinist
98. The contents of the box; an evening of drinking
99. Observations on another giant
100. Advice given by Jenny
101. Another moving chamber
102. The wrong floor
103. Jenny’s advice acted upon
104. Leaving the hotel
105. In the house of the red lion
106. Brendan converses with his friends
107. Yet more surprises
108. Dan’s gadgets; Louise’s dismay
109. (Un)seen everywhere
110. A former acquaintance rings a bell
111. A message delivered
112. Changing one’s appearance
113. Louise reveals more of herself
114. The tale of cut hair
115. Male figures with beards
116. Thoughts following a close shave
117. A disappointing outing and return to the Red Lion
118. Games involving circular objects
119. More questions for Brendan
120. A doctor is summoned
121. An unpleasant plucker


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