The dreamers of the day are dangerous men,
for they may act on their dreams with open eyes,
to make them possible.
T E Lawrence

A collection of entries looking at culture and artistry, from landscape to ocean, from vision to image, from blank canvas to the thrill of the theatre.

1. Signifying nothing – blogging is not my style, but…
2. Blossomest blossom – a younger writer remembered
4. Artists-in-residence – of windows and ladders
13. Boiling the kettle – the drama of youth
20. Samba of Kangaroo – the married admirer of latent talent
42. Water, everywhere – by slow ferry to Guernsey
54. Rise of Icarus – the Samara Dance Company
68. Desert island discussion – my chosen records, book and luxury item
77. Glowing at Glastonbury – the pull of the festival
88. Beach, where – Sid and I go in search of sand
91. All on a summer’s day – an early morning coach journey
113. Art from the Heart 1 – starting with cheese-rolling
120. Art from the Heart 2 – of photographers and poets
127. Art from the Heart 3 – some days you just know
134. Art from the Heart 4 – seminars in convivial surroundings
139. The music of sound – of microphones and tape recorders
141. Art from the Heart 5 – the exhibition
143. N-to-N stuff – having fun at the Edinburgh Festival
151. Why I like poetry – why I like poetry
163. Dream comes true – open air Shakespeare
176. Looking back to 1964 – pop music, pirates and politics
186. Through the ceiling – The UK Allcomers Poetry Slam
195. Sim-phone-ya orchestra – the New Ring Cycle
202. Daring Dorian Gray – a student production
217. Leap of imagination– the torch lit in ancient Greece
232. Miniluv ungood – Orwell’s 1984 on 1965 monochrome telescreen
237. Bliss in ignorance – having my eyes opened to birdwatching
247. Dwarfed by white snow – put the wellies on and get out in it
249. The play’s the thing – Playhouse summer school: Hamlet
259. No escape, this time – science fiction drama: Another Earth
275. Room with a view – the sun, the moon and a little star
290. Art from the Arctic – of frozen blood, ice and the Tate Modern
292. Clearly not a bus lane – upon the smallness of being
301. Eye of the beholder – the graffiti art of P183, and a poem
324. The Barefaced Night – the possibilities of theatre
341. Spring cleaning – the wisdom of William Morris
348. Looking up to books – the shelf life of encyclopaediae
353. How I listen to music – from Otis Redding to Counting Crows
370. Passion plays – student drama summer school, 1969
383. Still Kicking 1 – baring my teeth and her breast
384. Still Kicking 2 – what if Dame Josephine had married Sir John…?
386. Still Kicking 3 – preparing the alter-ego
387. Still Kicking 4 – first night nerves
388. Still Kicking 5 – on tour; sunlit gigs at Matt’s shed
389. Still Kicking 6 – reviewed… and with a view to the future perhaps
391. Up, soon to be updated – lives documented every seven years
411. Museums at Night – objects ancient and modern
445. The spider on the bus – a travelling companion
453. Ledbury memories 1 – at the town’s 16th Poetry Festival
454. Ledbury memories 2 – arriving with Mike Read, May 1997
455. Ledbury memories 3 – balloons and football fans, in blue and white
461. A helpful shove – Le Tour de France and its metaphors
470. Hans Zimmer – outstanding composer of film scores
492. Roger, Houston – Curiosity; mission control; Apollo 13
505. Happy new year – from summer into autumn
510. Here Today – upcoming gigs with Jo
511. Wandering, not searching – on films, editing, and data








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