I love walking out in the cold in my bare feet
and feeling the ice on my toes.
Tori Amos

Having neither driving licence nor passport, I travel at a slower pace than most. This section not only contains tales of journeys and destinations, but also assorted items that hitched a lift here because they had no other fixed abode. Think of them as footnotes.

3. Fashion statement – leaving the house suitably attired
6. Garden of Eden – welcoming the new cricket season
9. Inside job – writing residencies in prisons
27. Swanning around – escape to the Forest of Dean
39. Unlucky for some – Friday the 13th
42. Water, everywhere – by slow ferry to Guernsey
47. More pints than points – quiz night in a Welsh pub
50. Public inconvenience – the privatisation of toilets
73. I’d be lost without… – which would you choose to lose?
77. Glowing at Glastonbury – the pull of the festival
85. Capturing the castle – a Wensleydale wedding
87. Spare parts – fighting frustration awaiting repairs
92. Thumb-struck – hitchhiking highlights
126. The game’s afoot – another year of goals and hopes
127. Art from the Heart 3 – a sequestered grove of discovery
129. Trappings of indignity – conversations on the factory floor
136. Of boaters, and planes – observations on Eton College
140. There and back again – travelling to and from Scotland
146. Summer sojourn, one – the timelessness of Swaledale
147. Summer sojourn, two – a seaside pilgrimage
148. Summer sojourn, three – Scarborough cricket ground
153. British days outBollocks to Alton Towers
156. Star dates – of birthdays, outer space, and Raquel Welsh
164. Prison categories: A – workshops in a maximum security jail
171. Emergency Poet on Call – a troubadour in the shopping mall
194. Occupying the mind 1 – observations on bus journeys
196. Occupying the mind 2 – on memes and mass movements
198. Occupying the mind 3 – the London anarchists
201. Occupying the mind 4 – camps of differing cultures
205. Occupying the mind 5 – St Paul’s; a bridge; The Globe
209. Occupying the mind 6 – a choice of futures?
212. Occupying the mind 7 – this is process not protest
216. Error of my ways – embarrassed in the High Street branch
220. Hospital visitors – the end of an era in Berkeley
221. Occupying the mind 8 – a weekend of remembrance
228. Occupying the mind 9 – why I’m prepared to go to jail
233. Hospital patients – a second visit to Berkeley
241. This sporting life – on playing rugby
244. Occupying the mind 10 – a Dickens’ tale rings a bell
245. Hospital closes – of Rehab and a grandfather clock
253. Re recycling – waste not, want not
260. Occupying the mind 11a – the first day at St Paul’s
261. Occupying the mind 11b – David Harvey addresses the General Assembly
262. Occupying the mind 11c – only the beginning of the beginning
276. Occupying the mind 12 – every grain of sand
277. Singin’ in the rain – of Forest Green and the FA Cup
288. Who’d be a commuter? – Kemble station, before dawn
298. Plumbing the depths – banking on the adjustable spanner
300. The walking week: A – anticipating the daily saunter
304. Workers’ work time – students on the shop floor
307. The walking week: B – of branch, bronze and braggadocio
314. The walking week: C – cold and crisp along by the Churn
321. The walking week: D – dendrochronology, and a toad
328. The walking week: E – Eden, evolution, and eternity
332. When my lung collapsed – a few days in hospital
334. The walking week: F – finding a home for the frog
342. The walking week: G – green, growth, and generations
349. The walking week: H – history, hedgerow and horses
354. Youth employment – golf caddie and delivery boy
356. The walking week: I – ivy, infinity and interwoven
363. The walking week: J – junctions and jungle
371. The walking week: K – knots, knowledge and knockers
374. Being out at night 1 – adventures hitchhiking home
375. Being out at night 2 – happy ending, twelve years later
395. The artful lodger – the curious tale of Mick and his girlfriend
414. Torch relay, morning – in Bath, with young Quest writers
415. Torch relay, afternoon – a glimpse of the Olympic flame
416. Torch relay, evening – at the racecourse in Cheltenham
426. Street party’d out – ‘Writer on the Road’… and in the rain
428. Park picnic, part I – a Roman soldier looks forward
429. Park picnic, part II – a Latin scholar looks sideways
446. Midsomer fayre’s fare – a day of medieval merriment
447. All the wheels a stage – of trick cyclists and troubadours
464. A certain Twerton – tucked away beyond the railway line
479. Jobs not offered – thrice denied
493. Leaving the stadium – the aftermath of gigs
500. An in-between age – on reaching the dull number 62
502. Thanks for the warm-up – basketball, boccia and an adapted bicycle
503. Spirit in motion – Bath celebrates the Paralympic Flame
504. In Your Shoes – a second visit to the Time Bank
506. A Puddleduck Sunday – the annual Circuit of Bath Walk
507. Sudden movement – having decided to downsize
509. Written on the Road – a concluding summary
514. Vonnegut’s Bridgnorth – of Kurt, angels, and machinery








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