i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
e e cummings

Personal pieces about family members and occasions close to my heart.

5. Catering company – in the kitchen
8. Child benefits – the wise words of granddaughters
10. Life cycles – my Dad’s shed
24. Press button G – telephones past and present
54. Rise of Icarus – a daughter dances
57. Shears delight – an insect hotel and a haircut
75. Mother of mine – memories and legacies
76. Father time – a lifelong journey full of joy
85. Capturing the castle – a niece’s wedding day
99. Being charitable – institutional insensitivity
101. Child’s play – our love of Lego
109. Frontiers woman – Mum on the Moon
116. Having a ball – garden games with my granddaughters
119. The gloves are off – presents of mind
125. Best kept secrets – swimming in the sea, playing in the sand
135. Claiming the day – another year older
146. Summer sojourn, one – the timelessness of Swaledale
147. Summer sojourn, two – a seaside pilgrimage
148. Summer sojourn, three – Scarborough cricket ground
152. Summer sojourn, after – should I retire up north?
175. Bearding the lion – a personal history of hair
189. A clean break – Vera’s good fortune
199. Known her all her life – my older daughter’s birth
203. Key characters – the songwriter, the gymnast and the cuddler
208. Time memorial – a father’s watch and sad memories
215. A fifth to remember – bonfire nights during the 1950s
223. Mother’s footsteps – Mum’s (and my) travel plans
252. Think tank, think bath – an old soak relaxes
257. The death of a cousin – goodbye, good Michael
263. It’s the little things – three huge reminders
265. Why I like today – the 25th of December
285. Back-tracking – the long-ago yesterdays of childhood
292. Clearly not a bus lane – upon the smallness of being
315. What is love?Pleasure and Repentance recalled
319. A toddler’s repertoire – my youngest granddaughter, aged 2½
324. The Barefaced Night – from father’s knee to theatre director
326. Why I watch the rugby – watching television, in a pub, in 1958
344. Hello, world – my younger daughter’s birth
362. Canoeing the Thames – March madness with my son
367. Arguing weekly – debates and equations with my granddaughters
402. Coming home – loving where I live, leaks and all
404. Route canals – father and son, hitchhiking along towpaths
413. Degrees of difficulty – final university examinations
423. Remembering Gaius – on my son’s 41st birthday
437. A final resting place? – somewhere agreeably green
460. Bedroom privileges – on being a boy in the 1950s
471. Beware of the Goat – memories of living near Lytham
472. Words with daughters 1 – script-writing for a folk tale
473. Words with daughters 2 – Fayra’s perilous journey
488. Raindrops keep falling – a walk with my youngest granddaughter
494. Hospitality and tents – camping (or not) on cricket grounds
497. A glimpse of paradise – on the Thames, summer 1965
498. Two men in a boat – floating slowly down river, summer 2102
499. A-doing nothing much – from Boveney to Beckenham
509. Drinking it all in – settling in to a mews cottage
543. Voting for Tomorrow – Xs for my granddaughters












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