The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open.
Gunter Grass

Responses, rants and ramblings on matters of social, political and topical interest. Expect a lot of stuff about ethics, digs at those in power, and the occasional descent into logical argument.

7. Election nearing – a conversation with a candidate
14. Food glorious food – today’s global menu
17. Pinta milka day – have you got the bottle?
21. Law unto themselves – legally acceptable, morally bankrupt
23. Being one’s own man – let’s talk about masculinity
25. So-fa, so good – can’t be arsed to get off their arses
26. No hiding place – stuck in a labyrinth of passwords
32. X factors – the referendum on electoral reform
36. Right up my street – a soft spot for the downtrodden pavement
46. Trial offers – on discounts for pleading guilty
50. Public inconvenience – the privatisation of toilets
59. Use it or lose it – lies told through three teeth
64. Shop assistance – in praise of Wall Space
67. Open and shut case – ‘Go and open the door’ (Holub)
80. Minding the gap – equal prices, unequal pay
83. Visits to the library – also an online back-up system
93. For better, for worse – the pace of change
95. No news is good news – press freedom without responsibility
99. Being charitable – institutional insensitivity
103. Any suggestions…? – when shepherds turn out to be crooks
107. In the grip of reality – the ogre and the pensioner
108. Outlook for tomorrow – replacing the broken window tax
112.The wrong questions – understanding requires more than scattered facts
115. Conduct unbecoming – Martin Bell’s legacy betrayed
123. Bring back hanging – petitioning made e-easy
130. The new xenophobia – check out what’s happening at the check-out
132. New term lesson plans – the after-Math and after-English classes
150. Forward to school – five ideas for making schools healthier
155. Oh, to be in England – thoughts on immigration
159. The language looters – a cautionary tale
165. A crying shame – on watching Oranges and Sunshine
167. Odds behaviour – Radio 4′s More or Less
169. Small changes – could make huge differences
181. On censorship – controversial books and other stories
188. Alarm clocks and bells – of bedsides, Bach and bees
190. A necessary riskI and We and They, a preview
192. Citizens’ test arrests – questioning the questions
193. National Death Service – on caring for the elderly
201. Occupying the mind 4 – refugees, hippies and anarchists
206. Question time – queries about the BBC programme
219. I spy with my OAP eye – second childishness
228. Occupying the mind 9 – why I’m prepared to go to jail
236. Buy Nothing Day – the wisdom of Wilkins Micawber
243. Effin nonsense – an Irish village rejected by Facebook
244. Occupying the mind 10 – a Dickens’ tale rings a bell
256. Self-assessment forms – putting off filing tax returns
272. Ev, Dev, Res or Rev? – thoughts on 2012 ‘-olutions’
276. Occupying the mind 12 – every grain of sand
282. Gnash null crick lum – having trust in kids and teachers
286. Penance on a pittance – exploiting the unemployed
297. Show, don’t tell – empty vessels make the most sound
302. One man’s meat – spam: a filtered history
313. Public perception – what is truth? and other questions
318. Cussed’s last stand – talking machines and China’s full employment
325. If I were Chancellor – suggestions for the coming budget
333. Drive: sadly divisive – happy news story sullied by ignorant texter
345. Timing is everything – police make early morning arrests
361. Panicked into buying – stockpiling at your local stockist
373. Plan B on planet E – hard-working bees, complacent human beings
379. Crimes and punishments – go to jail, directly to jail…
382. Gender agenda – I am an individual, not a label
392. Through a glass darkly – on cars, buses and costs
396. Dennis for head chef – better cooks needed in the kitchen of politics
409. Demonology syndrome – the twisting of meaning
419. Fair shares? – making money doing nothing
456. Unsafe deposits – the impenetrable vaults of the banks
469. Modern mythologies – sacrifices to today’s false gods
476. A discount discounted – ATOC: a cunning adversary
478. Olympicks – some games some people play
487. Job lottery – rules that apply to applying oneself
489. Olympic mind games – cool runnings
501. Word watching – the alarming ignoring of alarming warnings
513. You-must-be-joking fee – the extra cost in coach travel
515. Fracking in Wonderland – a mad march and the Lobster Cuadrilla
522. Saving democracy – choosing MPs by lot
523. The Public Parliament – Wikipedia update, 15 August 2050
543. Voting for Tomorrow – Xs for my granddaughters














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